Lox (Liquid Oxigen) T-shirt

$50.00 USD - $52.00 USD

  • Image of Lox (Liquid Oxigen) T-shirt
  • Image of Lox (Liquid Oxigen) T-shirt

Premium quality all-over print and cut & sew t-shirt!
Made on demand from super smooth and comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey that won’t fade after washing. Each garment is sublimation printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our expert in-house team.
-100% polyester (can contain up to 4% elastane)
-Fabric weight: 6.13 oz/yd² (208 g/m²)
-Premium knit mid-weight jersey
-Four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
-Regular fit

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